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Becoming an ESL, Bilingual/Bicultural teacher one day at a time. This site is for future teachers and teachers of English Language Learners/ CLD. You will find resources in English and in Spanish that can serve as a guide in your journey.

Literacy Conference “Writers and Writings” Fall 2016

I was very fortunate to go to the 2016 Literacy Conference, Writers and Writings, on September 23-24 at the University of Wyoming. This is a free conference offered every  Fall, through … Continue reading

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Story time with Miss Yumi

I just learned about this Youtube Channel in EDEL 445- Intermediate Literary with Prof. Brian Rose ( BTW he is one of my favorite teachers at UNC)  and loved it. … Continue reading

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8 Components of a SIOP Lesson

You will need this when developing your SIOP lesson for TESL 400: SIOP Strategies-Eight Components of Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP). Preparation Building Background Comprehensible Student Strategies for Success Interactions Practice … Continue reading

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TESL 400-Goals of Second language and multicultural education to include in a SIOP LESSON

In TESL 400 we discussed the SIOP (The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) method almost in every class. Our instructor made an emphasis on SIOP because it has been proved that … Continue reading

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ELL Topics in

In here you will find useful topics for ELL teachers. The one that I liked the most was “Create a Welcoming Classroom” because it gives ideas on how to arrange … Continue reading

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Valuable resources

I use Evernote very much for note taking and just compiling valuable resources that I come across. This was a note from last year, and I don’t remember why I … Continue reading

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Phonics 44 phonemes chart

These are some pics from worksheets we filled in class that we had to memorize and understand. As a second language learner, this was very hard for me. At first … Continue reading

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Emergent Literacy notes

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts notes that our teacher gave us before going to the schools and meet our students. These are my notes: Classroom Management Dont’s: Sarcasm Refrain … Continue reading

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Emergent Literacy course Concepts

Here is review/game we played in the classroom to learn concepts that used during the semester.

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Emergent Literacy Reading Resources

In the Emergent Literacy course we learned about how to motivate students to read. Our teacher gave this website as a resource.  Reading is Fundamental Go to the Book list to … Continue reading

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Latina mom, non-traditional student at the University of Northern Colorado. I am working on my degree in Elementary Education with English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement and Bilingual Bicultural (CDL) endorsements. I am Bilingual in English and Spanish. Passionate about Bilingual, Elementary Education, ESL, ELL, Multiculturalism, Biculturalism #education #bilingualkids

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