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Center for Human Enrichment (CHE) at UNC

Not many students know about this office at UNC. At AIMS Community College this program is called TRIO. These two places are student centers dedicated to help and serve as a resource to first generation students. While considering transferring to UNC in 2014, I was interested in finding student organizations to belong to.  As soon as I saw the Center for Human Enrichment website I wanted to apply.  I was very fortunate to contact Marina Orozco, who did a phone interview and a follow up of my application.

When Marina called me to welcome me to the program, I was thrilled. I was part of their biggest student transfer group. With me, there where a couple of non-traditional students who I got the pleasure to know very well. With CHE’s support,  I knew that I would be able to navigate UNC and also have access to more academic support.

Marina, my advisor at that time, along with the rest of the staff where key in my transition to UNC. I remember going to the CHE’s office and I would always find a friendly smile and warm words of support from all the staff, from the moment I walked in. This place became my study space, my advising place, my hiding place, my snack place and my “I need a break” place. I knew that if I had a question or struggle they would help me get through it. CHE became a pool of resources for me. This is where  I learned about other student organizations available to me. With their help, I slowly became acquainted with what UNC had to offer.

I will never forget their post cards and little notes or encouragement. These became constant reminders that I was on the right track and that I had all their support along the way. In addition, they organized an event where they recognized  students with a GPA 3.0. or higher. I was so surprised to get an invitation. Below are pictures of what they did. This small gesture made me smile.

Thanks Marina, Flora, Dr. B, Shawanna, Kyle and Seferino.

To learn more about CHE and how to become part of this amazing program, visit their website:


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