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Becoming an ESL, Bilingual/Bicultural teacher one day at a time. This site is for future teachers and teachers of English Language Learners/ CLD. You will find resources in English and in Spanish that can serve as a guide in your journey.

CART (Child Abuse Reporting Training)

This is a training you will take at the beginning of TESL 401-ESL Literacy Practicum.

These are my take-aways of this training:

SUMMIT Summer School program
CART – Child Abuse Reporting Training
  • Physical abuse: body marks, human bites and bald spot. Student apear weary of adults , overly aggressive or withdrawn, destructive to self and others. Comes to school early and leaves late. Won’t tolerate physical touch, overly compliant, have physical of head, stomach. All of these raise a RED flag.
  • Emotional: a general failure to thrive, substance abuse, Ulcers. They might seem aggressive or compliant. Torturing animals, delinquent behavior, stealing , vandalism.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Neglect:frequent school absences, changes in mood, depression and self destructive behavior, severe performance drops, sexual promiscuous behavior….poor hygiene, constant hunger, falling asleep in class. They want to be alone.

Reactive attachment- could be because of neglect.

Malnutrition, untreated illnesses, excessive weight changes, chronic head lice.
Reporting process:
We are all required to report ANY abuse.
Fail to report teacher will be he’d for Jail and pay a $750 fine.
Handling disclosure from the child:
-Talk to child.
-Listen to child.
-Offer reassurance that child has done the right thing by telling someone.
-Write down important information.
Things to remember:
  1. Side hug
  2. Be thoughtful with what you are doing
  3. This is an internship
  4. Dress code: appropriate coverage , fingers ip& chair rule, interactive shoes
  5. Play with kids at recess
  6. Call students by their names
  7. Do things that kids get excited about
  8. Helping vs answer giving –  make them do all the thinking dont give them answer
  9. If you say no, you better have a reason for it
  10. Double check your facts when teaching a lesson
Summer school time frames
  • Student arrive 7:45am
  • Be there 7:30am
  • Class ends 11:30
  • 11:30-12 wrap up with teacher
  • Students leave 12:30
  • Teacher will ask you to help with field trips



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